Monday, October 21, 2013

Oh Maverik. Where do we start? Mav's most current obsession is coloring he loves to go to the gym and get new coloring pages to work on. After he is done he likes to negotiate with me.
"Mom, do you like my new picture I colored?"
"Yes, Mav it's the best one you've done yet."
"I'll give it to you if you give me some chocolate milk."
"Ok, I guess I'll get you some chocolate milk."
A few minutes later I'm at my sewing machine sewing. Mav comes up
"Mom if you don't let me sew I'm not going to let you keep that pretty picture I colored for you."
"Honey, I'm in the middle of something you can't help me."
"FIne, that picture isn't yours any more! I'm taking it back."

When General Conference came on the boys were at the table coloring. I said hey look at the tv, it's the prophet. Mav says
"Are you serious? A for real life prophet like Joseph Smith?"
"Oh cool."

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Maverik has such a sweet tender spirit. He has been saying the most thoughtful, fantastic prayers for the past year. He always makes sure to include what is currently happening in our home/family. When Deakan started school last week Mav felt a little left out. I told him that he had a very important job to do while Deakan was at school. It is his job to teach Reese everything he knows. So, he has taken this job on with his whole heart. We took Reese to her 12 month check up a few days ago and the Dr. asked if Maverik was in pre-school. He told her that his job was to stay home and teach Reese everything he knows. She could hardly handle how cute he is. My point is, this is how his prayers went last night. " Heavenly father, please bless that Jesus will take care of mommy so mommy can take care of us, please bless that Reese won't do bad things, only the good things I teach her, please bless Deakan he will have a good day at school tomorrow and that we will have more good dinners like fish and watermelon again."
Love, Love, Love this sweet boy.
A few of his current phrases include; "Dad, your talking jive." "Dude, come on." "Dad, gum!" I love that he pronounces sp words with f. Like spider man is fider man, and spinners are finners. I know I'm going to have to correct him someday but for now it's to cute to fix.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sand Man

 Soon after we landed in Hawaii Maverik found his love for the sand! He hasn't even taken off his shirt and had berried himself in the sand!

Sunrise at Turtle Bay
Maverik wasn't interested in swimming in the ocean with the waves. He stuck to the pools.
We all took a liking to Hawaiians Own Juice. I think we tried every flavor :) This is at the "shrimp truck." It looks a little sketchy but the shrimp were amazing!
Love these temple pics

Ben won father of the year award this week. Everything he did was for these kiddos of ours, seeing him play with our kids makes me love him more and more every day.

Making fire with the Samoan's
Yep, Mav climbed the palm tree, after this he tried climbing several palm trees around our resort!

Mav loved the hot tub with his Daddy.
Longboards was a restaurant on the resort at Ko Olina. It was over looking the beach and had good food. We ate there twice. The best part for Maverik was that he found his love for the birds. They are his "friends" as he would say. It was hard for Mav to eat anything without sharing with his "friends." Every where we went he would point to the birds and say "Look! My friends are here." Such a funny kid.
The best way to describe Maverik and this trip was "sweet and sour." Mav is our squeaky wheel. When Mav is happy everyone is happy, but when Mav is sad he does his best to ruin things for everyone. He had a few melt downs mostly due to lack of sleep but all and all he was a good little trooper. He did amazing on all of our flights, there were five total! He slept through 3 out of 5 and was good to hop in the stroller and take a nap when he got tired. We were happy to have him there to entertain us with his stories and excitement for all the new things he saw.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

our little super hero

Maverik you have officially stolen our hearts. You are the sparkle in you daddy's eye. Everything you do makes us laugh, you know it and you love it. I've never met a child so entertaining. You love to have the spotlight and put on a show for whoever is watching. I love to just sit and listen to the things you have to say. Your mind is always spinning. Maverik is always game for whatever is offered but when it comes down to doing it... you are my shy little guy. Big talker but you don't hesitate to tell us you are to nervous or scared when the time comes. You are so endearing, sometimes you drive us crazy but it's hard to remember why because you turn around and charm us in the same breath. You are a very smart boy with a great imagination. You have been a super hero for about a year now and you have us convinced you can fly "for real" that's what you way all the time."I'm weally serious guys" "for real." We hear that a hundred times a day. You are the best sharer and you have no problems with going to primary or the gym. You are a great little helper, you love to drive the "beeler" and run home when we get to our neighborhood.  You are very well behaved and social. You prefer to talk to the adults but don't mind playing with the kiddos.
You crack us up with your Iron Man trivia. I'll never forget when you stuffed the sea-hawks light up your shirt to make an "Iron Man" heart. You love to snuggle and ask if someone will sleep with you every night. Lately you have settled for me asking "would you rather" questions before bed. You break things, mess things up, ignore me, and try my patients. However you are so dog gone sweet that I get tender just thinking about you and your little quirks. I love to hear you sing, especially "i will go I will do the things the lord commands" and your original "do what I wanna do." You make stuff up all the time, and are a great sport when Deakan bosses you around. As daddy would say "this world needs more Maveriks" and I couldn't agree more. We are so lucky to have you in our family!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

come home

Maverik's current prayers go something like this
Heavenly Father,
bless momma's come home
bless, dadda's come home
Dedan come home
Mavers come home
I guess the boy just want's us to all be home together.

Whanny Pannies

We were in the car the other day and Deakan dropped one of his little lego guys and couldn't find it. I hate it when they bring little toys in the car that just get lost! Anyway he started to complain that he would never find it and I needed to stop and help him look for it under his seat. Maverik leaned over and said "Deakan you a whanny pannies." I just burst into laughter. Maverik can finally hold his own with his big bro.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


We were on our way to find out what the gender of our baby was going to be when Mav yelled from his car seat "Booder, Mama." I replied oh did you pick a booger honey? "No, a Booder in your belly mama!" Oh you think it's going to be a baby brother Mav? "Yea baby booder."